Best Extra-Curricular Activities in our School

Kalyani Central Model School has a perfect blend of academics and extra-curricular activities. We believe that students can thrive in any field, and we should be open enough to provide them with all the opportunities that would intrigue their interest. Therefore, in Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani we provide students with the best extra-curricular activities like sports, art and craft, cultural activities and many more!

House System in KCMS – Best extra-curricular activities in schools

Our house system is one of the things which makes us the only school in Kalyani with the best extra-curricular activities. Kalyani Central Model School is divided into four houses in the names of National Heroes.

The house division provides the opportunity to the students to develop their organizational ability in the best way possible and enrich themselves through healthy house competitions organized by the school throughout the year in Kalyani.

Each house is controlled and regulated by the house captain under the close supervision of the house teachers. Friday is, considered as the "House Day" and students are allowed to attend the school in their respective house dresses only. Vide this system, the initiative and capabilities of the students are continuously monitored and those with inherent and cultivated good leadership qualities are selected to the perfect’s council. This not only helps student to explore the best extra-curricular activities provided by us, but also help them build their leadership skills and learn important 21st century skills, like teamwork.


Education is the creation of good sound and mind in a body. It develops the individual's qualities in the best way possible. So, does co-curricular activities. A healthy mind and a healthy body are ensured through various OUR BEST EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. Our aim is to not only create future doctors and engineers but also future footballer, cricketer, dancers, or singers. So, we provide various extra-curricular activities which help students to either find their passion or healthy hobby.

The importance of extra-curricular activities in school education and its necessity for holistic development of student's personality is well established, making us one of the best schools in Nadia.

We try and provide students with the best-curricular activities like music, dance, drawing, painting, debate elocution etc. These are an integral part of the learning process in Kalyani Central Model School. Group activities through various clubs such as Science Club, Nature Club, Eco-Club, Arts and Literary Club, Philately Club etc. help the children gain skills in teamwork and leadership in addition to increasing their knowledge in respective domain areas. These activities further enhance their knowledge in these frontiers and broaden their vision of life in a good way. Ecology and its protection are a key area of Extra-curricular activities. These initiatives and groups are the reason we can say that here in Kalyani Central Model School, we provide the best extra-curricular activities for students.


In Kalyani Central Model School, we truly believe in the power of art and crafts. It can not only turn into a passion for students but also be a therapeutic activity for them. Our art and craft culture in one of the best extra-curricular activities in our school. We also encourage our students to participate in different exhibitions and our students have always made us proud in such different competitions.

Visual Art : 2015-17
Mr. Debraj Adhikary

  1. Shoobh Arts Competition 2016
    Sunanda Mondal - XII (1st - Gold Medal)
  2. All India Hope Tallent Contest 2016
    Alivia Dutta - XI (1st - Gold Medal)

Also participated -

  1. Postal Service - Govt. of India
  2. Drawing Competition organized by Kalyani University
  3. Bosco Fest : Organized by Don Bosco School-Bandel


We feel that quizzing and public speaking are some of the most difficult qualities to master. However, it is very important and helpful for students. Quizzing and Public Speaking are one of the most important extra-curricular activities in Kalyani Central Model School. We always encourage our students to participate in various such events, so that they can sharpen their skill set in this genre.

International Olympiad For Math Organised By Silver Zone

No. of Students Participated - 112
  • Gold Medel - 1 Arkajyoti Mukherjee IX A
  • Silver Medel - 1 Ankit Basu Ray IX A
  • Bronze Medel - 1 Jeet Biswas IX A

Excursions to places of interest and having educational value are arranged by the Kalyani Central Model School every year on a cost-to-cost basis. It is mandatory on the part of the guardians to allow their wards to participate in such programs. These are organized under the competent guidance of teachers. It is assured that students will be under best guidance and supervision.