About the Best School in Kalyani

Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani was established in the year 1971 with a noble cause and firm determination to impart education in the best possible way with a blend of eastern and western concepts of modem education. We started with few, and we number quite sizably today. Yesterday gave us a lot but every "Today" we live in we are planning for tomorrow. The school is dedicated to achieving lofty mission of Swami Vivekananda's "Character Building and Man Making with Child Centric and Noble Experiments." These are some of the many reasons which has helped us to attain the tag of the “Best School in Kalyani”

The motto of our founder (management) is to develop the best mental, physical, and moral faculties of the child and impart the graded education in such a way as to provide a good opportunity for all round development of personality and their innate abilities come out in all walks of life. Besides, love, hope and charity will be our guiding force to dissipate gloom of despair and illuminate an eternal lamp of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Kalyani Central Model School is a next generation, progressive, result oriented Senior Secondary Co-educational Institution with Science, Commerce, Arts streams in the senior sections (XI & XII), affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi. Our institution is basically an independent private school offering courses leading to Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificates. The school has a consistently good track record in the Board's Examinations making it one of the best school in Kalyani. It came into existence as a translation into reality of the dream of Late Chittaranjan Roy, one of the best social workers of this area. Nature gifted fresh, healthy, and unpolluted environment and enfolding a rich heritage and history, provides your ward with a unique and the best atmosphere of learning. The school campus with triple storied "L" from both sides, a garden and an attached playground, canteen situated in a healthy and open area of Kalyani town between Central Park and Buddha Park.

Kalyani Central Model School was established in a minimum form by Late C.R. Roy. It started growing luxuriantly and became a full-fledged Senior Secondary School in the year 1978. It continuously received National Awards in three consecutive years (1982, 1983, 1984). The key elements of education here are the process through which children learn the experiences they accumulate and the knowledge they acquire. The traditions laid down by Late C.R. Roy have not only been commended by his successors Mrs. G. Roy and Shri R.B. Roy, but their untiring effort and devotion has earned a high reputation for the educational need of a very large area of Kalyani Town and its suburbs. The school provides intellectual challenges, personal growth, and the best preparation for an interdependent world. The school is a home away from home where young people find scope within their own cultural milieu to reflect on their lives which is the fruit of reflection on life and its lessons.

We are the best school in Kalyani not only because of our academic’s excellence but also intracultural and co-curricular facilities. Kalyani Central Model School’s building specially built for the purpose of study has a healthy and good atmosphere. It has spacious and well-ventilated rooms with all the facilities including separate toilets at each floor for boys and girls. It has a well-furnished library and computer rooms with all the best equipment required for the students. There are well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories for the practical classes. All other departments are also well-equipped with various teaching aids to impart effective teaching to the students. This is what makes our education the best CBSE school in Nadia.

Established in 1971, Kalyani Central Model School has built up its own traditions and provides the best education for the twenty first century. Providing excellent education for more than 1400 students mainly from the locality and the suburbs, the vision of the founders has become a reality here. This collection of intelligent and energetic young people offers a unique educational environment. Our vision is what makes us one of the best schools in Kalyani

The mission of Kalyani Central Model School is good education of young children for significant leadership and career in a competitive world. Making 'your ward an exemplary character, a token of excellence, is the mission. It is achieved through hard labor, sincere efforts, and devotion. For us it is a sacred mission, which makes us unique and the best CBSE school of Kalyani.

Kalyani Central Model School’s aim is to prepare students for the new century characterized by rapid and constant change for the good, the unpredictability of human affairs and transformation of our working places. We prepare students to play an active role in various fields and become the best version of themselves. Our objective converges in a single, all-encompassing goal. "The preparation of young students for the significant achievement in an independent world."

We can proudly say that we are the best school in Kalyani because our school aims at imparting the best liberal education which helps in developing the total personality of the students and in bringing about all round growth of body and mind in the best possible way. The most outstanding, features of the school is the harmonious and integrated living together of the boys and girls hailing from different communities, speaking different languages, and having different, cultural backgrounds. Pupils read and play together and imbibe the spirit of relationship grounded in exception of unity of life which makes them conscious of the common destiny of mankind. We are The Best School in Kalyani for –

  1. Faith in tradition
  2. Keeping up good old tradition
  3. Making new tradition and allowing others to emerge.

Education of a male child is the education of an individual, education of a female child is the education of a family.

- Swami Vivekananda

The social and moral values taught in our SCHOOL ASSEMBLY and within our board curriculum and activities help to promote confidence, direction, and lead to the children to a well-rounded personality in the best way possible.

The important skills and lessons learnt through the school career provide a solid foundation which they carry lifelong. A deep sense of freedom, loyalty to the motherland and need for practical ethics in public life are to be inculcated in students. “It is our endeavor to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience. Education is a continuous process by which a generation is prepared for the future by providing as many opportunities as possible to develop every aspect of the personality.


The elementary classrooms for the newly admitted children in Kalyani Central Model School are colorful and the lively wing of the school. The classes are kept small to grow good relationship between students and teachers. The Thematic Approach is favored from nursery to class IV. These joyful (toddlers) group with the best learning experience, exploration, discovery, and experimentation.

Want to know what makes us the best school in Kalyani? Here we enjoy a tradition of good standards and commitment to care. Our best facilities and dedicated staff together with the advantage of dealing with a homogenous group, enable the children of all abilities to become the best achievers here in the academic and creative field.

The key elements of education here are the process through which children learn the experiences they accumulate and the knowledge they acquire. These will be their assets for them for the rest of their life. If you seek a school that provides the best intellectual challenges, personal growth and preparation for an independent world, Kalyani Central Model School is the institution. This is what makes us the best school in Kalyani.